Projection, production, instalation and service of hydraulic conduits. Deliveries of hose and pipe conduits with the option of instalation at the customers‘. Deliveries of reinforced hoses, NC shaped pipes with Walform® formed couplings. Sales of hydrogenerators, hydropumps, switchboards, hydraulic cylinders, coupling components and other hydraulic systems accesories.

Hydraulic hoses AEROQUIP

Hoses with pressing fittings 1 and 2 sheathed with textile sheath and suction hoses Global Products.pdf
Use: hydraulic systems with mineral oils or HDF liquids, systems of central lubrication, pneumatic systems, transport of water and water emulsions. BRUISER hoses with heightend resistance to mechanical damage („bruises“).
Operational temperatures: : -40°C to +125°C, type AQP up to +125°C.

Suction and low-pressure hoses with screw fittings 1,2 and 4 sheathed with textile sheath (EA001J).
Use: hydraulic systems with mineral oils or HDF liquids, systems of central lubrication, water and pressed air.
Operational temperatures: -40°C to +125°C, AQP type up to +125°C.
Screw fittings enable fast replacement of damaged hoses.

Hoses 4 and 6 sheathed (EA011J).
Use: hydraulic systems with mineral oils or HDF liquids.
BRUISER hoses with heightend resistance to mechanical damage („bruises“).
Operational temperatures: -40°C to +125°C, AQP type up to +125°C

Teflon hoses (EA102).
Use: transport of almost every form of chemicals, steam, fuel, compressed air and oils.
Operational temperatures: -70°C to +230°C

Thermoplastic hoses SYNFLEX

Synflex® hoses are the alternative for rubber hoses mainly in manipulating and lifting technique area, in food production, health and chemical plants.
Use: hydraulic, pneumatic and fuel systems, transport of chemicals under high pressure, systems of central lubrication, hoses for gas, water emulsions and woter.
Operational temperatures: -40°C to +125°C
Advantages: frost resistance, UV rays resistance and chemical resistance, low weight, packing of more hoses, non-conductive hoses, systems for 3D heat forming of hoses into required measures.


WALPro® coupling with shined ring for connecting hydraulic pipes and hoses, WALRing® with shined ring and sealing ring from elastomer designed for high integrity and vibration-resistance.
The sealing components made from elastomer ensure that sealing remains at it’s maximum even after repeated assembling and disassembling.

Hydraulic quick-joints

These joints are used for quick and repeatable connection of different hydraulic devices. AT the time of disconection, valves on both sides of the joint are sealed, therefore both circuits are protected against liquid leaks, or air or dirt intrusions. The joints are equiped with plastic covers for dust-protection.

Pipe joints FlexMaster

Flexmaster tube and pipe low-pressure (up to 15bar) joints offer system flexibility and vibration and nonlinearity (+- 2°) resistance. Sealing components are two FlexMaster rings made from rubber or viton.
Use: fuel, lubricating, suction and cooling circuits in big combustion engines, trains and construction machines, pipeline joints in compressors and compressor stations, pipeline systems in chemical plants and refineries. Repairs of pipelines where it is impossible to use welding due to safety reasons.
Operational temperatures: -40°C to +120°C for NBR and -30°C to +150°C for FPM

STC couplings

These are modern and fast systems of coupling of hydraulic conduits, mainly in confined spaces. The connection is established by mere pressing the adapter into the opening without any tools. Disconnection is made by inserting a cradle under the plastic ring of the adapter.
Use: hydraulic systems in construction, agricultural and outdoor machinery, air conduits and circuits in combustioun engines of trucks, air conditioning circuits, power steering and other mobile aplications. The disconectability is 250x without any sealing malfuction.
Pressure range: 275 to 345 bar
Operational temperatures: -40°C to +120°C (standart seal)


Integrated valves for pressure and flow management.


Hydropumps, steering controls


Electro-hydraulic controls, piston pumps and valves for pressure and flow management, proportional valves.


Hydrogenerators, hydropumps, electro-hydraulic controls, HS gearboxes.

Production and repairs of hydraulic cylinders

Custom production od hydraulic cylinders, repairs, service sales ND and accesories for hydraulic cylinders.
Standart issue for pressure 250 bar, range of diameter 20 – 120 mm and lift up to 5000mm.
Valves are preferentialy fitted with INTEGRATED HYDRAULIC valves.