About us

The company HYDROPRODUCT s.r.o. was established in 1995 as a privately-owned company, focused on engineering production.

At first, the main area of expertise was supply of hose conduits for hydraulic and air-conditioning systems. Later, we started to offer complex hydraulic systems.

Given our vast experience in the field of designing, manufacturing, repairs and reconstruction of mechanization for railway maintenance, we have decided to include this field of work into our production process.

As the time went by, the company acquired the ownership of the industrial grounds. After reconstruction and building of new manufacturing area ( the manufacturing area has 2500m2 today), the production capacity was heightened and a new trend of replenishing the conventional machine-tools and forming machines with new NC lathes and NC centers.

Another area of companys growth was commercial – servicing area, with emphasis on widening the services connected to original manufacturing processes.

The latest addition to production program was tube-bending and steel plate-cutting.

Today, the company manufactures on its own machining centres, milling cutters, water-jet cutters, cutting machine, tube-forming machine and has more than 50 employees.


Our Team


We currently offer:

  • CNC machining (turning + milling)
  • complex services in hydraulic systems
  • hosepipe systems and conduit systems for air-conditioning machines
  • tube-bending
  • steel plate cutting of plates up to 100mm thick
  • supplies and cutting of noise and thermal insulations
  • production, repairs and reconstruction of portable mechanization for building and maintenance of railways